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>> you are watching special coverage of the terror attack in boston. >> and i'm john, we want to
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welcome our viewers in the united states and also around the world. the fbi is taking the lead now investigating monday's attack at the boston marathon. this was the moment as it happened. two blasts one right after the other. 12 seconds and about 100 yards apart. the chaos was immediate but the toll is still unfolding. >> investigators call it a terror attack but who is behind it is among the many unknowns at this hour.
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>> we are working 12 hour shifts. please give us some space around the area as we process this scene. 23 there are any pieces of information or photos from the incident getting those to the two tip lines, they are now in charge of the investigation because of the nature of this investigation. >> this may or may not be part of the investigation. >> and president barack obama has called for increased security around the country as needed. he has ordered that the full resources be brought to bear. >> make no mistake. we will get to the bottom of
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this. and we will find out who did this we will find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> the president also announcing this earlier as expected. others are not taking any chances. law enforcement in washington in new york, in san francisco, are in a heightened state of alert. and miami dade police officials say they have increase d the event that attracts half a million spectators each year. today was a very sad day for athletics and for our friends in
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marathon running. our security plan is developed jointly with the metropolitan police and we were in contact with them soobs we heard the news. >> why don't we get back to the scene. you have new information for us? >> don, we do know now that officials are going to brief reporters at 9:30 just a few hours away. there is so much we don't know. we do not know if this attack was a foreign or domestic attack. but right now investigators are behind me on exitor street. they have set up about six or seven blocks.
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they are setting up barriers to make the security tighter, don. we're still waiting to hear very much tonight. >> one of the big clues will be the two devices which were not detonated. what sort of clues and information are the authorities expecting to get from that? >> we heard bob earlier talking about this. there could be fingerprints on some of the unexploded devices. john, i mean, this is still such a scene here. listen to some of the police scanner sounds that we were able to tap into right after this happened to give you a sense of what it was like for first responders and law enforcement
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officials right after it happened. >> units stay off the air. just make your way over there. stay off the air and make your way over there. i only want to hear from the 984. >> give me what i need. >> i need lanes open here. >> copy. just keep giving it out. everybody else stay off the air. >> we also have new video we are just getting in of people picking up some of the bags that were left behind by the marathon
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runners. people are still, usually, trickling past the finish line late into the evening. that did not happen this evening. i came across rows and rows of important school buss that went on for blocks. the buses are for the runners to escort them away from the sight. usually just a packed, packed street. absolutely no one there besides law enforcement officials earlier today, john. >> what was interesting is that all of those bags that were left behind it was one of the issues for the law enforcement officials. they had to check every one of those bags to be sure there were no more explosive devices. >> and they were talking about how quickly law enforcement and workers sprung into action there to suspend the race just to see
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all of those bags there and hear peter talking about the empty school buss to transport people it was really sad to hear. the injuries are normally ones you would see on the battlefield. >> what we have been hearing, it was like a war zone. coming up we will tell you what the doctors have been seeing in their emergency rooms. stay with us. it's monday. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions,
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>> it was all explosion type trauma. multiple open fractures. there was a couple i came across that were obviously doa. it's an awful thing. right at the finish line. the point where the average joes were just coming in. >> just horrific scenes at the boston marathon after two bombs exploded one after the other. >> the 140 others were injured. hundreds of plifs and more rushed towards the blast to help the victim. >> i have been taken to a number of hospitals around the area. and how many different hospitals and people.
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i think nine hospitals they were taken to. >> really stretching the entire medical resources. at the bottom of your screen that's where we find cnn's jason carol. 2:12 eastern time in the morning. hospital still very busy? >> absolutely. and you have to imagine that a lot of these doctors and nurses are just running on adrenaline. you see one coming after another. when you look at the nurses, the look on their face is that they are tired and weary and dedicated and determines to save and try to help those who are being treated here. 31 patients here. some of the injuries, again we have talked about this earlier. you have seen the video and pictures and what they're seeing here, one described it in the
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beginning as a wave after wave of ambulance that was coming in. one of the trauma doctors started getting one patient and another and another. mostly to the lower extremities. he talked about the shrapnel that was taken out of some of the patients. or from material that was in the area. what was interesting is the way the doctor described the fact that those who were in danger of losing their limbs or lost limbs, it was their lower extremities. seems to suggest it was in something low to the ground. 31 patients.
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two in critical. nine that were in surgery. those two in critical condition, they are in fear of losing their limbs. they have gone through thrills and events just like this. doctors did not want to prepare for something like this today. >> some of the injuries are so horrific that many will need multiple surgeries. what have doctors been saying about that? >> that's absolutely right. the doctors saying when you're dealing with a trauma patient, all sorts of things will come up. trying to repair arteries if that can be done. some of the. >> and quickly, have doctors and
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investigators learned anything about the blasts by looking at the injuries which they have had to treat so far? >> once again the doctors here are telling me that a lot of the injuries were to the lower extremities. the legs, the ankles, the feet. and also, those who are in danger of losing limbs it was their lower extremities and legs. that perhaps once again the devices were plabt planted in something low to the ground. >> you have covered enough of these stories, a military friend who has been texting me say iina lot learned about exploded and unexploeted twices.
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answers will come. and we have been talking about two devices. and also the types of injuries that leads investigators to figure out exactly how this who might be responsible for this, jason. >> i think that's an excellent point. you will have a cross pollination between investigators and doctors. you do see that in places like afghanistan. you see it happening all over. you hear the descriptions. >> jason carol, thank you. we will get back to you. >> we will have more on the
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>> 984. 984. >> go ahead. >> there are multiple people down here. >> we have an attack. we need to set up a perimeter here.
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>> that was nearly 12 hours ago. here is what we know right now. the fbi leading the investigation into what one white house official calls clearly an act of terror. at the moment, there is no official suspect in custody in connection with the deadly double bombing at the boston marathon. >> we will have more on the terror attack in boston in just a moment but we also will look at other news from around the world. there is no let up in angry rhetoric from north korea.
11:23 pm
insults in the form of protest in the south. we are following the latest from cnn in seoul. what is the north saying now and how is the south koreans reacting to it. >> they said they woultd engage in a retaliation attack without any notice. it was in reaction to protests here in seoul yesterday. i want you to take a look at this video. it was very well participated. there were about 100 people there. what they did is they lit eff y effigies of kim jong un. it was particularly insulting for north korea because on the day it happened.
11:24 pm
it is the 101st anniversary of the founder of what south korea has said is it hopes to dial down the tensions. the defense ministry here is saying that they find the north korean statement that was released today to be quite regrettable. a bit of context is if there is any good news in this, this threat from north korea in the context of all the other threats it is quite mild compared to threatening thermo nuclear war. >> it does seem that the talk and rhetoric is starting to be walked back a little bit. so that end, no more talk of a missile launch. it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon. but the south koreans saying it could soon be imminent.
11:25 pm
where does this all go from here? >> it could be because you don't know. it's impossible to predict what the hermit kingdom is going to do. allies are continuing to behave. they do believe that it could happen. but it does not appear that it will happen. if they look at the movements, it doesn't appear. it does not appear to be imminent. but because we're talking about so sole. >> there has been intense deploemcy in the region.
11:26 pm
>> venezuela is divided after election results sparked protests and celebrations. officials showed that he narrowly defeated with 50.7% of the vote. he was hand picked successor. authorities formally confirmed him as venezuela's president elect on friday. >> looking at some of the personal stories. i will save that for viewers. i want to read some of them to you about the -year-old boy you will hear their stories coming up after the break. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis,
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>> the fbi now leads the investigation into monday's bombing at the boston marathon. an 8-year-old boy is among three people killed when one blast was followed seconds later by another. the death toll could rise, many of them critically. a doctor says many victims were hit in the legs with shrapnel from the blast and several amputations have been performed. those responsible will feel the full weight of justice. >> i want to read some of this. i want you to hear and the
11:32 pm
viewers to hear. he writes about the 8-year-old boy. the first one i want to read about, this is newtown families. just go with us here. the location and timing of the bombs was sinister beyond belief, done purpose ly to maximize destruction. the parents of the school kids murdered in newtown, connecticut. then he goes on to write about the 8-year-old boy and the rescue workers who showed up. he said this is how bad it is. i went out monday night and bumped into firefighters i know. they said one of the dead was an 8-year-old boy who went out to
11:33 pm
hug his dad after he crossed the finish line. he went back to the sidewalk to join his mom and little sister and then the bomb went off. the boy was killed. the sister's leg was blown off. his mother was badly injured. that's just one family. one story. one more personal account here. he goes on to write i saw lisa hughes trying to do her job and then i remembered that lisa, who is as nice a person as you will ever find in this business, married a guy named mike casey, who lost his wife nellily lon o of the planes that crashed. i just marvelled at how professional lisa was. so you see what the folks there are dealing with. >> very powerful stories.
11:34 pm
>> a sad day. >> now the blast shattered glass and sent barricades flying. 78-year-old bill iffery spoke to piers morgan. here he also spoke to a boston globe photographer who saw his assignment change in an instant. >> so many injuries that i had never seen before. i saw people with their legs blown off and their foots blown off. i couldn't believe the carnage. there was a barricade to keep spectators off the course. there was people on top of people on top of people and it was just -- it was an incredible sad sight to see that and i just fear that the death toll will be greater than the three it is now. >> i'm just going to leave you there for a moment. we have bill ifferg, that
11:35 pm
gentleman we saw being blown off of his feet. bill, thank you for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> the whole world has seen the images of you being blown off of your feet. tell me exactly what you experienced as you ran towards the finishing line. >> well, i was just approaching the last straight away to the finish line. i had a good day and i was feeling really good. and i got down within about 15 feet of the finishing apron and this tremendous explosion, sounded like a bomb went off right next to me. i knew i was going down. and so i ended up down on the black top. and i couldn't feel any severe pain but as i rolled over i seen a little scratch on my leg but nothing too bad.
11:36 pm
one of the finisher assistants came over and talked to me and offered to give me a hand and help me get up and get over to the finish line. we did that. so i told them i was probably already. we started to do that but then before they had one rounded up, i said my hotel is only about six blocks away. >> just a small scratch on his leg. >> and our chief white house correspondent has the story. >> don, john, expect president obama to be briefed throughout the day on developments in the
11:37 pm
investigation. and he will have to start thinking about going to boston to pay his respects. attorney general holder called the massachusetts u.s. attorney to make sure the full resources of the justice department are made available. the president said he doesn't have the answers we all want. who did this and why. but he vowed investigators will find the guilty and they will face justice. he did not call this a terror attack. shortly after his statement i spoke with a white house official who did. that official told me that this was clearly an act of terror, but a thorough investigation will have to determine whether it was planned and carried out by a terrorist group. so the white house is clearly being careful with words here out of an abundance of caution trying to avoid a rush to judgment.
11:38 pm
>> tom foreman tells us what police will be looking for to answer those questions. >> one of the mysteries of these attacks is that they happen so late in the sporting event. only about 6,000 remained. had long passed and left. and that's when these explosions happen. they're trying to find anyway to see a connection between the people who were along this course before the explosions and the time they happened.
11:39 pm
if they can find that, that's a lead. that's something they can follow and then maybe they can solve some of the mysteries of these attacks. >> and now thanks to tom for that report. witnesses say there was a very heavy security presence during the marathon. >> and those behind the attacks found a crack big enough to cause very serious damage. >> i think atlanta and the olympics was probably the most prominent in terms of the most
11:40 pm
successful terrorist or malicious attack. but securing something like a marathon is incredibly difficult. to try to protect it all the way along the route is impossible. >> what does it tell you about choosing this particular venue, the time of day, where the bombs were placed. does this tell you anything about whether it was home grown or foreign terrorism? >> again, i think one of the main component parts which has yet to be revealed will be the composition or signature of the devices. if we go through that list of criteria as you just mentioned, where did the bombs detonate, what times did they detonate? did they have hallmarks of a terrorist attack? certainly when we look at the fact that it was much after the veteran runners or the elite runners had actually subsequently passed.
11:41 pm
you're looking at the capacity and having run marathons myself. that three and a half to five hour period is when you have good capacity of runners coming through. >> no warning. no intelligence. the authorities were caught flat footed? >> again, it's very, very difficult. until we find out more information. we don't know whether this was a particular formed group or whether it was a loan actor. this was a very good case in point. set up a sophisticated multilocation attack which immediately led the authorities to believe it was a much more sophisticated and larger group behind it. >> you know, it's been
11:42 pm
interesting to watch experts on a number of different networks, i have been watching everyone's coverage and people have been saying it's almost impossible to combat something like this, especially with an open event like a marathon is that so? >> it is very, very difficult when you think about a sporting venue. you have a perimeter where you can set up around a fixed location. with a marathon you have a very, very long route. the boston marathon is also on a monday. it is a normal working day and patriots day. you have a lot of people converging into boston so very difficult. the criminals will look for the easiest possible target. >> i want to follow up on that
11:43 pm
questio question. i have heard maybe the beginning of the race will be enclosed. and races in the future and they may protect against this particular kind of attack? >> i don't think it will protect. it will mitigate. that was correct in saying that the star point was in a vulnerable position. and at the finish point. however, those points in between. >> sit a fairly good comparison
11:44 pm
to what happened in boston. seven years after the bombing. >> the first thing that the federal agencies will be dealing with will be all the weird and wonderful people out there who will be calling in taking claim and responsibility for this attack and they have got a very, very difficult task to sit through all of those claims whether any of them could be accurate.
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>> we will continue the follow developments out of boston but now we will check on business news. the price of gold zung sunk to lowest levels in years. putting the commodity firmly in their territory. joins us live. there is a big sell-off on wall street but not really having a big impact on asia. >> today, we did see see the impact early in the morning session. but now it's been -- the indexes have been able to claw back some ground.
11:50 pm
>> after they spent most of the suggestion in negative territory. the hang sang is just about flat right now. the shanghai kpcomposite was do. it has bounced back up. but we are still seeing pressure on commodities and raw material producers. this is from worries that china's slowing growth meets less demand. crude has fallen below $100 a barrel, right now trading at around $99 a barrel. the share market in australia
11:51 pm
which is now down by three tenths of a percent. it is gaining a little bit of ground. after gdp numbers from yesterday. that's a quick snapshot of how things are looking here in the asia pacific region. originally looking pretty bad but now gaining a little bit of ground. >> thank you. we'll have our top story when we come back. more of the terror attack in boston and the latest on the investigation. >> plus we will hear from survivors, witnesses, and first responders. >> your sleeve there, is that blood? >> and my pants, my clowes. >> show me that flag. >> the flag, that was a flag i was holding the whole time [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all?
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. >> welcome back, e. president barack obama says that those responsible for the attack on the boston marathon will full the full weight of justice. >> cnn was told that a man wearing a sweatshirt carrying a backpack was seen trying to get into a restricted area right before the explosions. >> i want you take you through the marathon route. the race started off and made its way into the denser areas of boston. 12 seconds later, the second bomb went off just down the street.
11:57 pm
>> fably members and friends surrounded the finish line. >> i saw six to seven people down next to me. they protected me. one lady expired. one gentleman lost both of his limbs. i would not figure out why the young lady had expired. >> the marathon was supposed to end in celebration but turned into celebration.
11:58 pm
>> it sounded like a huge cannon went off and another went happened right across from us. >> the elevator shook the whole building right there. >> each scene resulted in multiple casualties. >> explosion looked like it was right by the finish line. >> we have seen six people come in. you can see some of the people
11:59 pm
coming in on stretchers. >> many, many people injured and those injuries are severe. >> we helped a lot of people who were hurt. we ran as fast as we could down here. they were banged up bad. severe lacerations. amputees. a lot of shrapnel. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. we will find out

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